Founder of MeinSprachClub

In recent years she worked as the head of the English language school for children, Zebra School within the district Warendorf.

Having many different qualifications, apprenticeships and experiences are features of her path of life.

After many years as a manager, she made the decision to get actively involved in shaping our children’s education and now participates at home and abroad.

Karin has additional qualifications in Business English LCCI, in learning support under Edu Kinestetik / BrainGym aspects and from the Goethe Institute as a DAF teacher (German as a second language) for day-care and primary school.

Her heart’s desire is to go along with the children in their development, to promote and to make them familiar with the English language through play.

Voluntary, she has committed herself to help with the set-up of a social organisation in South Africa, which campaigns for a healthy diet and children’s education.

In Germany, she organises charity events and establishes children and school sponsorships.



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